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Find the right campaign opportunity for you

  • Cipriano Vargas

Three summers ago, Cipriano Vargas was sitting in a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) school board meeting. Cipriano watched parent after parent speak about their concerns about their children’s schools and the needs within their neighborhoods. Each parent deeply knew the issues they were concerned about and had the stories and data to back up their proposed policies.

At that moment, it struck Cipriano that these parents would be amazing school board members — far more effective than the board hearing their comments. They knew the community needs and were not going to sit back and wait for others to make it happen.

Cipriano knew he wanted to become involved in campaigns that worked to elect people from the school communities to public office — people like the parents at the LAUSD school board meeting.

“We can only accomplish equity by ensuring people know the issues on the ground and making sure policies are implemented with students and equity at the center."

He attended Campaign Boot Camp, a LEE program designed to help members develop as campaign staff. That experience led Cipriano to work on candidate and issue campaigns in southern California, which, he says, has been instrumental in helping him understand how campaigns can obtain power and create victories for students.

Cipriano now serves as a school board member in Vista Unified School District and campaign organizer for Flip the 49th in southern California.

This summer and fall, you can work on a campaign you believe in by supporting candidates who are speaking out on issues you care about most deeply, like immigration, student safety, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Join Campaign Talk — a 75-minute webinar to hear from members like Cipriano who have worked on campaigns about their experience, including how it helped them build strong relationships in their community and launched their careers in policy, advocacy, and organizing. You’ll also get advice on identifying the right campaign opportunity and what concrete steps to take to get involved.

If you are interested in joining the Campaign Talk 2018 webinar, register by April 24!