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Exploring your next step in policy, advocacy & organizing — you’re not alone

  • Sana Shah

In the late summer of 2016, I knew I was ready to leave the classroom. I also knew that I wanted to explore a job in community organizing as my next step. I had started to apply for some open organizing jobs, but I was still struggling with the long and complicated process. 

That’s when someone on LEE’s Organizing Career Leadership Team reached out to me to ask about my interest in organizing jobs and offer LEE support. A few weeks later, I was connected to my new career coach.

My coach was an incredible resource as I moved through multiple applications and interviews for organizing jobs last fall. She not only helped me to update my resume and cover letter but was always available to help me prep for interviews. My coach always kept my values and goals at the top of her mind — we both wanted me to find a role that was right for me and my leadership. 

After a few weeks of interviews, I was offered a great new job. As outreach director at Educators for Excellence, I now work to organize teachers and schools in Connecticut. And my coach has continued to be a resource for me as I’ve navigated my first months as an organizer. 

Later this summer, LEE is launching a new opportunity to engage members who are in the same place I was last year. The Intro to Policy, Advocacy & Organizing: Your Path to Change webinars (on August 3rd & August 8th) will be a place for members who are starting to think about the next step in our leadership journeys.

They’ll cover the types of questions we all ask ourselves as we navigate our careers:

  • What are the issues I most care about impacting?
  • What are the communities I’m committed to serving?
  • What are the practical realities of a new job that I should consider (salary needs, work flexibility and work/life balance, etc.)?
  • What makes me feel professionally fulfilled?

The webinars will also highlight the resources and supports that LEE offers to members exploring leadership and career paths. 

Working with my coach was an incredible support to me last fall. I encourage each of you to explore what your next steps toward ending educational inequity could be — and learn how LEE can support your work!