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Ensuring underrepresented identities are "tenaciously visible"

Angela Cid believes the biggest inequity facing students and teachers is representation, or in many cases, a lack thereof.

“Lack of representation assumes a lack of knowledge in the lived experiences of their underrepresented identities. And, if we value diversity and inclusivity, then we must never pick and choose what spaces we practice such values: we are always inclusive and diverse.”

Angela knows how important it is for students to see someone who lives wholly and authentically as themselves.

“As a gay, Asian, woman, brown, immigrant teacher-leader in front of kids who may have never had a teacher with my identities, my biggest impact is showing up, standing in front of students, and teaching them. Representation matters, and history has shown that our intersecting and underrepresented identities must be tenaciously visible and relentlessly audacious in our pursuit to equally and equitably belong in every space we occupy.”

This drive for representation is what led Angela to run for the school board in Denton, Texas. And with the help of the People of Color Political Leadership Program (POCPLP), Angela gained some of the knowledge, skills, and hope she needed to run for office.

“LEE cultivated my political activism by planting seeds of hope in my mind and heart through POCPLP in November 2017. I met the most amazing humans through the experience and felt connected to something bigger than myself, which led to a cataclysmic choice of running for political office in my hometown. My mission to end educational inequity starts and ends with my authenticity and LEE supporting and accepting ALL my intersecting identities allowed me to be unapologetically gay, brown, Asian, a woman, and an immigrant in my pursuit of political office.”

If you are ready to bring your full self to the table and explore the intersections of your identity to better understand how your experiences and values have paved the way for you to be a public leader in your community, apply to the LGBTQIA+ Political Leadership Program. During the three-month program, you’ll learn what it takes to run a successful campaign, develop a leadership plan that identifies your next steps to elected leadership and how this can help you achieve your vision for educational equity. and gain hands-on campaign experience to develop skills and networks in your community.

Are you ready to overcome systemic and internal barriers that historically underrepresented candidates and elected officials may face while running for and serving in public office? Then, apply for the LGBTQIA+ PLP by October 3.