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Dr. Wes Bellamy: Community, Service, & Healing

Fueled by his passion for community, Dr. Wes Bellamy became the youngest-ever individual to be elected to the Charlottesville City Council in 2015. He brought equity-minded leadership during the time Charlottesville drew national attention in the conversation about public space and racial reconciliation. Throughout his time as Vice Mayor and a member of the Virginia State Board of Education, Dr. Bellamy has supported countless education and community programs that teach youth about the true power they hold. Dr. Bellamy is motivated by his community and puts his mantra into practice daily: step up and be the change you need.

Words of Wisdom: "For the kids in this community, I will do anything. I don't care what it is...  Are they worth me making the sacrifice of my pride and doing something that may be outside of my comfort zone to help them out? The answer was always yes."

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