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Dr. Elora Diaz: Leading through Empathy and Deadlines

  • Dr. Elora Diaz, LEE Member and School Board Rep

LEE member Dr. Elora Diaz is the real deal. She has deep roots in her community, she has years of experience working with Phoenix students, and she has a firm belief in the schools that she represents. Elora is driven everyday by her belief that students’ creativity should be nurtured, and they should be treated with respect.

As governing board president for the Phoenix Elementary No. 1 School District, Elora knows how to leverage her personal experiences with educational inequity and create a safe learning environment focused on doing what is best for students.

Words of Wisdom: “As an elected official, I don't think that we’re the only ones that can make a difference for students. I think we’re a piece of the puzzle. I think one of the important things that we do as elected officials are to make connections to other parts of the community because a student’s experience in a student’s success is all-encompassing.”

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