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Diversity in Elected Leadership Series

About the Diversity in Elected Leadership Series (DIELS)

The Diversity in Elected Leadership Series (DIELS) inspires, develops, and supports LEE members from historically underrepresented communities to pursue elected leadership. LEE believes that members from our communities bring a critical perspective to policy making and governance and that we need more diverse representation at all levels of elected office. The programs in this series provide space for LEE members to identify how to overcome systemic and internal barriers that historically underrepresented candidates and elected officials may face while running for and serving in public office. LEE is proud to have supported the leadership of more than 200 alumni of the Diversity in Elected Leadership Series who have run for office since 2013.

Programs in the Series

What to Expect

  • Explore and identify personal motivations for serving your community as an elected leader.
  • Learn what it takes to run a successful campaign.
  • Develop a leadership plan that identifies your next steps to elected leadership and how this can help you achieve your vision for educational equity.
  • Gain hands-on campaign experience to develop skills and networks in your community.
  • Build relationships with LEE electeds and fellow LEE members who share your passion.

Applications are available six to eight weeks prior to each program date.