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Dave Hand: Using Data To Tell Compelling Stories

LEE member Dave Hand believes in the power of data because they form “the foundation of the stories that we should be telling.” Dave spent five years as a teacher New Orleans, LA, an experience he loved where he admittedly spent most of his time “looking at data sets and preparing for professional development sessions as opposed to preparing lesson plans.” 

His passion is to use data to improve educational outcomes, so he jumped at an opportunity to work in the Louisiana Department of Education, serving as a project manager for the new teacher evaluation platform. The importance of his classroom experience was key to his success in this role because “it gave me a framework for understanding educational issues in a way that people coming directly in the policy may not have.”

Dave now serves as Senior Policy Analyst with the Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives at Tulane University, and is currently developing a broad engagement strategy that outlines communication and staffing needs to better connect with school board members at the local and state level.