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Curious about working or volunteering on campaigns? Build skills with this virtual course!

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Practice some of the most important skills that you’ll use on a political campaign and see why working on a campaign can further your civic leadership.  

About the course

This course starts by making the case about why your leadership is needed on political campaigns. We discuss how campaign work can help you develop the skills and network to transition into high impact policy and advocacy roles.

This course also provides an overview of what working on a campaign looks like. Throughout the course, there are numerous opportunities to try out campaign work and practice creating some of the work products that are commonplace on campaigns.

The course concludes with information and guidance about securing a role on a campaign. During this course, you’ll be able to connect with members of LEE staff with your questions and to get feedback on your work product. The estimated time completion for this course is about 6-8 hours.

Who should enroll?

  • Any LEE member who has thought about working on a political campaign
  • Members who want to transition to work on a campaign full-time and are looking for support in making that professional transition
  • Members looking to gain campaign experience to then secure a role in policy, advocacy, or organizing

What to expect

  • Opportunities to practice doing communications, organizing, digital, data & analytics, and operations work in the campaign context
  • Direct support on creating the brand statement, resume, and cover letter that will help you secure a new role on a campaign
  • Reflections on your own leadership and thinking around where campaign work fits in your civic leadership journey
  • The opportunity to submit work products for feedback from LEE staff

Questions? Contact Mark Johnston, Director of Early Career Supports

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