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Build a relationship with your leadership coach.

We’re eager to connect with you! Our team of regionally-based leadership coaches offers you personalized guidance, a supporting relationship as you look to advance your leadership, and accountability to help you meet your goals.

Our staff first gets to know you and understand the impact you seek to achieve, while meeting with you individually. You’ll begin a relationship with someone who can support your goals, connect you to others, and provide the nudges you might need from time to time. 

Below, find our list of coaches and personal links to set up time to connect. 

Not seeing your region listed below? Connect with our national coaching staff. More information is available at the bottom of the page.



Dallas-Ft. Worth Coach 

Sandra Godina 

Sandra is the Director of Regional Impact for Dallas-Fort Worth. She works with LEE members to create a more liberated educational landscape for students and communities that are marginalized by systems of oppression. She aims to use her relationships across North Texas and background in leadership development, community organizing, and advocacy to support your leadership journey. 


Houston Coach

Natalia Fernandez 

Natalia is the Director of Regional Impact for Houston. She has been an active LEE member since the Houston region began, participating in programs across all pathways while building her own senior-level career within Texas school systems. She is also one of the founding members of ONE Houston, the organizing alliance that advocates for change and gets results at the local, state, and federal level. Natalia aims to use her local connections and experience to help you advance your leadership journey and serve in policy, advocacy, organizing, and elected leadership roles in Houston!


Los Angeles Coach

Maggie Bove LaMonica 

Maggie is the Director of Regional Impact for Los Angeles. She works with LEE members to make an impact for communities and kids across Southern California. She uses her relationships from across the state and her background in education, policy, and law to support members’ leadership journeys. Maggie began her career building communities in Morocco as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Outside of work, she serves as an elected board member to the Hermosa Beach City School District.

Maryland Coach 

Celeste Perilla 

Celeste is the Director of Regional Impact for Maryland. As a graduate of Baltimore City Public Schools, her work centers around building community capacity, emphasizing the vital role of BIPOC and women leaders to positively impact educational experiences in and around Maryland. She supports the leadership journeys of members all across the state.


Metro Atlanta Coach 

Candice McKinley 

Candice is the Director of Regional Impact for Metro Atlanta. She started her career teaching in Atlanta Public Schools, before working to co-develop a community based after-school program in the Vine City neighborhood. After leaving the classroom and earning her law degree, Candice worked on the No Child Left Behind & Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization and later worked in the DeKalb County School District Office of Legal Affairs. Candice also has personal experience running for school board and looks forward to supporting Metro Atlanta LEE members looking to step up their leadership in their neighborhoods.


Memphis Coach 

Michael Whaley 

Michael is the Director of Regional Impact for Memphis. Michael uses his relationships in Memphis and background as a former teacher and school leader and current elected official to support members’ leadership journey. He began his career as TFA Memphis corps member teaching elementary school, before founding Memphis College Prep. 


South Dakota Coach 

Dr. Nora Antoine 

Nora is the Director of Regional Impact for South Dakota. She is a member of a tiospaye (large family) that has worked in service of the Lakota community for generations. Working towards educational equity is an ancestral mandate and commitment to communities including South Dakota. Nora knows that educational equity is a critical component in affirming native identity and a mechanism in strengthening tribal sovereignty and from a broader perspective, and she uses this perspective to support members all around the state.



Nationally-Available Coaches

Is your region not listed above? Connect with us to get paired with a LEE coach that’s best suited to your needs and location. 

Get started by scheduling a time that works for you with our National Coaching Calendly.