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Cecilia Muñoz: Advising President Obama

Even before becoming the longest running, first-ever Latina domestic policy advisor for President Barack Obama, Cecilia Muñoz had dedicated decades to advocacy for the Latinx community and immigrants’ rights. At the leaders' table, Cecilia shares personal stories and professional strategies from her time in the White House, and empowering lessons from her book, More Than Ready. Cecilia continues her commitment to equity every day as the current Vice President for Public Interest Technology for New America.

Words of Wisdom: "We own this democracy, and we're coming perilously close to breaking it. But we also have it in our capacity to fix it.  That means it's not enough to say how things ought to be. You also have to do your part in making them what they can be...."

Recommended ResourceMore Than Ready: Be Strong, Be you… And Other Lessons for Women of Color on the Rise by Cecilia Muñoz


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