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Carlos Mark Vera: For Equity, Pay Our Interns

At only 26 years old, Carlos Mark Vera has already had a profound impact, landing him on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list as the Founder & Executive Director of Pay Our Interns. After experiencing inequities first-hand as a U.S. Congress and White House intern, he put together a plan that ultimately led to over $48 million being devoted to funding paid congressional career-building opportunities. Listen in to hear how his work is helping pave the way for all students – especially Black, Latinx, and Native American students – to access paid internships, leading to a more equitable workforce and more diverse leadership across all sectors.

Words of Wisdom: “You don't have to be rich or powerful to create change. It all boils down to not being scared to reimagine what could be, and how do you take that idea and make it into reality?

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