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This campaign season–and election cycle–needs equity-minded leaders like you.

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In the midst of global pandemic response and civic activism against systemic racism, LEE members are navigating how to lead this election cycle. Whether a local school board race, city council, state house seat, or the Presidency, campaigns face an unprecedented environment. They must run socially-distanced campaigns with new campaign tactics, all while still able to convey their messages and make authentic connections with voters.

Even before COVID-19, the 2020 election would have been a tremendous opportunity for aspiring civic leaders. How will you meet this moment and contribute to the movement for equity?

Working on a campaign is challenging, but the experience is transferable to a variety of future roles and opportunities. Campaign staffers get on-the-ground experience with people management, strategic thinking, and communications. Plus, working on a campaign involves forming authentic relationships with many different stakeholders - your candidate, their constituents, other staff members, volunteers. These skills guide leaders to success in jobs ranging from policy advisor, teacher, technology consultant, and even elected official. 

COVID-19 has added considerable uncertainty to this election cycle. Traditional strategies like door-to-door organizing and daily public events are not a reality. Campaigns have been trying to get creative with virtual fundraisers, house meetings held over Zoom, and get out the vote efforts that focus more heavily on phone calls and texting. 

Campaigns both large and small are still looking to innovate. Furthermore, they are looking for equity-minded leaders to help their candidate create and execute a campaign plan that will lead their candidate to victory. This is where you come in...

Learn the ins and outs of campaign leadership–and its long-term opportunities–with free LEE learning.

LEE has developed a new virtual course on Campaign Leadership that will help prepare you to become a leader on a campaign during the 2020 election cycle. This course focuses on having you practice the work of a campaign staffer. We built out an election case study and give you the opportunity to try on the work of a communications assistant, organizer, and finance associate (plus a few other roles). After you complete these simulations, you will be able to get feedback from a member of our staff on the work products that you create. Even if you’ve never worked on a political campaign before, this course is a great opportunity to build a portfolio of professional work products that are aligned to a number of different campaign roles.

Throughout the course, you’ll also hear from different LEE members who have worked on political campaigns and used that experience to deepen their commitment to civic leadership. You’ll hear from LEE member Alex Morgan, who used his experience working on political campaigns to become Executive Director of The Progressive Turnout Project, an organization heavily focused on voter organizing and mobilizing this election cycle.  

In addition to our virtual course, you can apply to the Elected Leadership Experience. This 6-8 week fellowship will allow you to work on the campaign of one of our awesome LEE candidates. The Elected Leadership Experience is an excellent avenue to make an impact this election cycle and gain some important campaign experience. 

Campaigns have always needed strong leaders, but in this time of crisis they are in particular need of innovative, equity-minded, and community-focused leadership that'll set their candidate up for victory and success in office.

Get involved in a 2020 campaign today!

Campaign Leadership is for you if you are…

  • A LEE member who has thought about working on a political campaign
  • Looking to transition to full-time campaign work & are looking for support in making that professional transition
  • Seeking campaign experience to then secure a role in policy, advocacy, or organizing