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Be the voice that's missing from the table

After his time in the classroom, Winford Adams was ready to change the policies that affected his students — and his children. So he ran for, and was elected to, the Spring Independent School District (ISD) Board of Trustees.

Today, Winford serves approximately 37,000 students about 20 miles north of Houston.

“I received a tremendous amount of support and guidance from LEE. It was conversations with and support from the director in my region, along with participation in LEE programs like the Policy Leadership Academy, the National Organizing Workshop, and Ready to Run that pushed me past my reluctance to seek a seat on the board.”

Like the programs that Winford attended, the African American Political Leadership Program offers the opportunity to dig in on what it would take to run for office. Over three months, you’ll gather in-person and virtually with other African American members to reflect on your identity, your leadership, and the impact you can make for students in your community by serving in elected office.

“LEE programs and staff create a sounding board and safe place for me to explore and confront my own self-doubts about my worthiness for elected office; and my ability to be an impactful and effective elected leader.”

If you’ve ever second-guessed your power to serve as an elected official because . . .

  • you were afraid you weren't good enough

  • you didn’t think you had the right network

  • you didn’t have enough money

  • you don’t look like the current elected leaders in your community

. . . the African American Political Leadership Program will help you shake away your doubts.

“I hope having a seat on Spring ISD’s Board of Trustees amplifies my voice, and allows me to influence policy in a way that intentionally addresses issues of achievement, equity, and social justice. My theory of change relies heavily on the idea that my perspective — the perspective of a black, first-generation college graduate, and elected official — has been underrepresented in the rooms where policy decisions are made.”

Make your voice heard for your students and your community. Serving in office is possible, and you have the power to do it. We need the perspectives and voices of African Americans present at tables where decisions are being made.

Get the skills and resources you need to get your seat at the table. Apply to the African American Political Leadership Program today.