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Affirmations for Equity Leaders

The work of equity leadership is not easy, and some days, you may need a little extra motivation to continue making waves in your community. 

LEE staff has put together a list of our favorite “mantras,” or inspirational phrases, for equity leaders. Whether you say them aloud to yourself in the mirror or write down your favorite as a sticky note reminder, repeating positive affirmations daily will add fuel to your fire.

Which of these speaks to you? 

P.S. Download them as desktop or phone wallpapers as a reminder of how important you are to equity work!


Every day I create a world that is more equitable.


I take care of my whole self so I may care for others.


I move from a place of equity and I inspire others to move in the same way. 


I confidently navigate life’s obstacles to reach my deeper purpose.


My identity has created a unique perspective and I live my responsibility to share it. 


My seat in the hall of power is set; it’s simply waiting for me to claim it.


I create the arc that bends history towards justice.


I am enriched and fulfilled by my relationships, which grow stronger and stronger every day.


I belong to a movement to create equity and it is stronger because I am involved. 

Because of my leadership, our nation will recognize the potential of all children.


As I make decisions that impact my community, I always ensure equity is a priority.


Every day I grow stronger in my leadership. 


I am dismantling the systems that create inequity piece by piece. 


I find ways to put my passions into action daily. 


I align with opportunities that allow me to make the biggest positive impact.


As I look for ways to serve, I broaden my horizons.


I am a dynamic expression of leadership.


Chimdi Ihezie is the Director of Fellowships at Leadership for Educational Equity. 

Leadership for Educational Equity staff is devoted to supporting members as they grow and implement their visions for equity. No question is too large or too small. You can always reach out to your LEE contact to get started.