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3 Topline Details You Need for Election Success

Interested in running for office, helping someone run, or conducting research on an elected official?

There’s a clear pathway to success – as long as you start with the right information. 

As you start your elected leadership journey, be sure to gather these three key topline details:

  1. Minimum Qualifications: What does it mean to be qualified for the office?  How old do I need to be? How long do I need to have lived in the district?
  2. Representation: Is the office “districted” or “at-large”? Do I need to live in a specific region or district to be eligible to run?
  3. Dates: What are the important dates? When is the filing deadline? Is there a primary election? When is the next general election?

Knowledge Leads to Progress

In politics, knowledge is power. And power is the ability to act.

When it comes to holding elected office, remember: it is in the incumbent’s best interests to gatekeep both the information itself and the process for learning the details. 

If you’re not sure where to start or encounter obstacles, connect with your LEE Elected Leadership Coach. We’re all about breaking down barriers and providing the knowledge and power you need to take action in your community.

Once you discover these big picture details, you can begin to understand how they influence the elected official’s self-interests – and create your plan to win.


Learn more about topline election details by logging into your LEE member profile and navigating to Topline Details.