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Learn more about working at LEE

Below, find answers to frequently asked questions about working at LEE.

Also, learn more about LEE careers; working at LEE; where we work; diversity, equity, and inclusion; benefits; teams; and how we hire.

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Technical application questions

I’m having trouble creating a login or logging into my existing profile.

Please email if you are experiencing technical issues logging in.

If I'm a LEE member applying to a job, do I need to set up a new profile?    

Our application system runs separately from our membership system. You will need to set up a different profile in our application system. The application will prompt you to indicate if you are a LEE member.

Can I update my resume or cover letter after applying?

You my log in to the applicant center using your login credentials and upload your documents.

However, if your resume has already been reviewed by a staff member, we cannot guarantee the new version will be reviewed.

Can I email or mail my resume?

Please submit your application online. Due to the volume of applications we receive, the online application system is the only way to be considered for the position.


Our hiring process

Should I submit a cover letter?

Yes, please submit a cover letter with your application. A cover letter is your opportunity to share with us how your experiences and interests align with the position.

I just submitted my application, what can I expect?

Thank you for applying! If your profile meets the qualifications of the position, a member of our team will reach out to discuss next steps with you.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we can only guarantee communication with applicants moving forward in the interview process.

For more details, read more on how we hire.

How long does the interview process take?

The interview process usually takes about three months from the point an application is submitted to a job offer being made. The processes for senior-level positions, including senior directors and vice presidents, typically takes at least four months.

Will I interview in person?

Because our staff work nationwide, the majority of interviews are conducted over the phone or by video conference.

If you apply to a job that is location-specific, you may be asked to interview in person at some point during the process.

Do you provide feedback on interviews?

We appreciate your request for constructive criticism and desire for continuous learning. However, we do not provide feedback to individual candidates.


Salary & benefits

Can you provide a salary range or a minimum salary?

We do not provide salary quotes or ranges before an offer is made.

Salary quotes are only made at the end of the interview process to the candidate being offered the job. Each salary quote takes into account a variety of factors, such as work experience and educational background, the responsibilities of the position, and the location.

We value our staff by offering competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package.


Questions about open positions

What are "flexible" and "preferred" locations?

Some job descriptions may state that the location of the position is flexible, which means it can be performed from a home office or LEE office anywhere in the country.

In some cases, positions that have a flexible location may also list preferred locations. Preferred locations specify locations that would minimize travel and increase opportunities for in-person collaboration.

If a job description lists a specific location for a position, the staff member will be required to work from the designated location. We provide relocation compensation for candidates who are offered a position on our team and are required to relocate.

Can I work from home?

If you apply to a job that states the location is flexible, the job can be performed from a home office or LEE office anywhere in the country.

If you live close to a LEE office, you will have the option to work from that office. Many staff in flexible location jobs choose to split their time between a LEE office and a home office.

If you apply to a job that is location-specific, you may be expected to work out of the LEE office in that location. You may discuss the possibility of telecommuting options with the hiring manager during the interview process.

Which level position is right for me?

LEE has positions for people at every stage of their career. Refer to the job description of your position of interest to determine if you meet the qualifications for a particular role.

What are minimum and preferred qualifications?

Each job description includes minimum and preferred qualifications.

Minimum qualifications refer to years of experience, content knowledge, and skills that are required to perform the job adequately. Applicants for a role who do not meet the minimum qualifications will not be considered.

Preferred qualifications list the experience and skills we believe will be beneficial to an applicant’s success in the role. While these qualifications are not required in order to be considered for a position, applicants who possess the preferred qualifications are more competitive than those who do not.

What does the position’s grade mean?

You will see that our job descriptions each list a designated “grade.” LEE classifies positions into grades and title bands based on the characteristics of each role.

Positions are classified into grades based on job requirements in the following categories:

  • Competence required: The level of knowledge and skills required to perform job duties

  • Supervisory controls: The employee's autonomy versus supervision required to complete the work

  • Guidelines: The amount of judgment and ingenuity required to perform job duties

  • Complexity: The breadth, variety, and intensity of the work

  • Scope & effect: The objectives and impact of the work

In general, nearly all roles at LEE require similar physical demands in a routine office work environment.

I am not a LEE member. Can I still apply for a staff position?

Yes! LEE staff members have diverse professional backgrounds. Membership is not a prerequisite to be considered for a staff position.

I see several positions I am interested in. How many should I apply to?

We encourage you to apply to the position that interests you most and suggest submitting no more than two applications at a time.    

I saw a job I am interested in but it’s no longer on the site. Can I still apply?

Only positions posted on Current Career Opportunities are currently open and accepting applications. Positions that are no longer listed on our site are closed.


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Brooke Russell
Director, Performance Management
I love my job because I am challenged daily, and everyone at LEE is passionate about the mission of the organization. It’s rare to work somewhere where you’re supported by staff at all levels, and there’s still room for flexibility and input in your work. Being able to work from home or move to another city easily is a huge plus as well!
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Lildella Douglas
Director, Learning and Development
Working at LEE allows me to do the work I am passionate about in a collaborative environment. We truly believe that all children deserve a fair chance. I am inspired by the talent of my colleagues and the grit of our members. I am grateful to be a part of the team.
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Brandy Cooper
Assistant, Technology Support
“What attracted me to LEE was their virtual-work flexibility, benefits and the diverse & inclusive workspace. I feel a strong sense of belonging here because I can bring my whole self and know that my work is recognized and appreciated.”

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